Wiley has done one very big mistake it will regret: it has turned down an offer to publish a work on par with several of its own catalogue, namely Prof. Ralph Kimball and Mr. Bill Inmon.

Not only venerable, but also criterious and very serious publishing house, Wiley has fullfilled a role of leading while informing, for every technology that happens to be important nowadays has at least a book, if not several works, published through Wiley. To be published by Wiley is not only an honor reserved for those landmark works but also an acknowledgement of ideas whose time has come.

On the Business Intelligence industry Wiley has published every single most important work: Building the DW by Mr. Inmon, the very birth of a whole new field; The DW Toollkit, the paving book on Dimensional Modeling by Prof. Kimball, which is the sole most important data model for analysis and BI; OLAP Solutions by Erik Thomsem, the foundations of the most sucessfull analysis technique for BI; etc. etc. etc.

Not only conceptual, theoretical work has been being published by Wiley, but several other very important sources on knowledge sought all over the world, like the popular BI technology Pentaho, has gained the light of day by the skilled hands of Wiley: Pentaho Solutions, groundbreaking work, the first reference on Pentaho – an Open Source marvel of performance and flexibility – ever published, and the the official reference on its Data Integration technology, the Kettle Solutions – virtually a textbook. I took these two as an example of how far Wiley is able to see. Both are initial works by newly broken writters about a technology with a large amount on information avaliable for free – a double risk: unproven authors about freely available knowledge! But even so Wiley has published them. A couple of unproven writers on a risky subject are now the best source of info on an Open Source software. Gushing. Bold. Intelligent. A hallmark Wiley  job.

Unfortunally, by reasons beyond any reasonable pondering, Wiley has TURNED DOWN an offer which would bolster its own leading position! It has turned down an offer to have by their ranks new groundbreaking Business Intelligence technology – mature, stable, proven reliable and proven usefull on a number of very large enterprises as banks, IT companies and worldwide retaillers! U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E.

And this all really set me off because it will spoil my otherwise speckless record of Wiley-Only Library! I’ll just have to buy the most important Business Intelligence book on the last decade from some other publishing house!

Thank you and be seeing ya, Wiley!

Hello, other-publishing-house! Welcome to the avant garde!


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